About Us

Our aim

Our Aim at Perfectly Imperfect is to bring you a pizza kit with locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Making perfection out of life's imperfections... one pizza at a time!

What we sell

We offer three types of Pizza Kits for you to make and enjoy at home - a meat, vegetarian and a kids version, all prepared with the finest ingredients and includes par-baked bases ready to go! We also pride ourselves by using a simple recipe, add some love and the finest ingredients, 00 flour, fresh yeast, salt and water. Then the bases are par baked in batches and packed fresh!

Our Ingredients

Something we pride ourselves on is sourcing our ingredients were possible, locally. We are proud that we work with Durham Farms for our vegetables and herbs, Cured for our Salami, Harringtons for our Ham and Prodotti Italia for our Mozzerella, Grated Mozzerella and Tomatoes.

Learn more about where we source our ingredients