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Durham Farms

Dedicated to growing amazing food as nature intended, Durham Farms have an organic and regenerative farming approach which is underpinned by re-wilding and conservation of New Zealand's natural habitat, all just up the coast in Waipu.

We are lucky to be able to work with Durham Farms to provide YOU the best quality herbs and vegetables for your Pizza's. Everything grown on the farm is complimentary to one another, using a smaller agricultural footprint than most farms. This allows us to create tasty food which is good for you, keeps our soil healthy and looks after nature.

Cured & Harringtons

At Cured, we smoke all of our salami naturally using Manuka smoke. Our house cure recipe was perfected over many years at the hands of passionate butchers to allow the main meats and flavours stand out.
Carefully crafted in our delicious Harrington’s tradition. We use our own Harrington’s Special Cure to bring out that ham rich flavour. Smoking and cooking our gluten-free hams is a slow, painstaking process ensuring the taste and texture are the best possible quality for you to enjoy.

We are lucky to be able to work with Cured NZ and Harrington's to provide YOU the best quality meat for your Pizza's. With the Ham from Harringtons and Salami from Cured NZ, Both companies use smoking to ensure the taste and texture is the best possible quality for their customers. 

Prodotti D'Italia

Prodotti d’Italia Ltd was founded in 1992. In the beginning it specialised in the importation of Italian foods, then later added wines and other deli products to its portfolio.

We are lucky to be able to work with Prodotti D'Italia to provide YOU the best quality cheese for your Pizza's. With their values being, Passion, Integrity, Focus on Quality and Innovation, we love being able to partner with them.